Is The Fast Food Restaurants Be Regulated? Why Not? Essay

1148 Words Sep 28th, 2015 null Page
With the obesity epidemic in the U.S should fast food restaurants be regulated? Why or why not? Due on September 28th, 2015.
5 points – In your discussion include 5 main ideas with 2 or 3 examples from your experiences and research. You need to include citations if you obtained information from online, in a textbook etc. Failure to do this is regarded as “Plagiarism.” Please see student handbook page 74.
I believe that the fast food restaurants should be regulated to an extent. At the point that we begin to hold other people (or businesses) solely responsible for our own health related actions we cross into a territory of almost denial about the health problems that we have created for ourselves. That being said, there are also some misleading and ill-conceived parts of the fast food industry that should be addressed and controlled in a way that does not limit the freedom of consumers or hold the fast food businesses responsible for the obesity epidemic we now face today.
1. To begin with, I think that the biggest issue with making health conscious choices while dining at fast food restaurants comes with misleading advertising. For example, the fast food chain McDonald’s decided to begin only serving chicken raised without antibiotics which, on the surface, does sound like a step in the healthful direction for the notoriously unhealthy restaurant. In all reality those changes in chicken sourcing does very little to affect the high fat, high salt, and high calorie…

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