Essay about Is The Death Penalty Effective?

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Imagine an American firing squad all lined in a row preparing to execute a convict, do they offer him a cigarette and a blindfold? It may sound funny, but the firing squad is how the state of Utah carries out the death penalty. How can you tell when something is working, by the results? I started to examine the Death Penalty and how effective it is at preventing crime. Is the fear of dying a sufficient reason to dissuade criminals from committing crimes? I evaluated the statistics, psychological considerations, and different viewpoints from religious implications, to the legal and moral stance on this issue. There was more information on the death penalty than I had considered. However, I was looking for a definitive clear-cut answer to my question, Is the Death Penalty effective in deterring crime. I mean after all, who would want to die?
I began by looking at the facts, statistics, and documentation of crime rates, to prove one way or another that it was preventing crime. Expecting something to jump out at me as being empirical evidence proving the benefit from this type of punishment. Was the consequences of being caught and punished keeping the crime rate lower than it would have been if there was not a threat of life. Reading the term and what it meant was the start of an educational experience that clarified my understanding of the act itself, who punishes, and who gets punished.
The death penalty refers to capital punishment and every state has their own method of…

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