Is The Day It All Began? Essay

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November 12 1999. That is the day it all began. A new mom holds her baby girl and she names her Summer Leane Leftwich. She thought that she was the most perfect child in existence, but she doesn 't understand how quick the time will fly, and what 's she looks forward to in the future, will soon be nothing but memories. I started to grow, very quickly. By the time I was only one and a half, my mother gave birth to her second child autumn brooke leftwich. We grew up together and were best friends. We never really wanted to be away from each other. We lived with our parents in a tiny house in clarence missouri. I would play in our toy room together doing things we probably shouldn 't have been doing, like climbing on top of the book shelf. One day as we were climbing on the shelf, that we weren 't supposed to be around, autumn, only two years old at the time, took an awful fall off the top shelf and landed on her head. She spent around five hours in the emergency room just to be told that she was free to go home. Soon my mother found out that she was having another baby. By the time I was five, I had a new baby sister, Spring rose. We moved into an apartment in shelbina missourI and my mother got a job at pizza hut. We didn 't live in their apartment very long before we started paying for a two story house that had 6 bedrooms and two bathrooms. One day while I was out at my aunt 's farm, at only six years old I thought that I was the strongest and picked up a big cinder…

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