Is The Best Person Hire For A Job? An Interview? Essay example

758 Words Feb 16th, 2016 4 Pages
Ever been asked to argue why you would be the best person to hire for a job during an interview? If you have ever been in an interview most likely the answer is yes. When this question arises, you need to be prepared to respond confidently with a good argument explaining why you should get the job. A great first step in preparing for this is to take a class that studies argumentation. I carefully picked my visuals, layout, font, and other aspects of my advertisement to persuade people to study argumentation which will lead them to the end goal of conquering an interview.
The visuals I chose paint a clear picture of two possible outcomes of an interview done correctly and an interview done poorly. One picture shows the repercussions of someone not arguing why they were the best candidate, leading to them not getting the job. While the guy on the right used his skills from studying argumentation and landed his job. I used a photo of a man still living with his mom and clearly unhappy, while the other man was dressed to the nine with a nice car. Used this tactic to persuade people that academic argument is important to study and could lead to a great career, inferring that it could be the difference between living with your mommy or being independently successful. I chose to use an interview as the main reason for studying argumentation because interviews are usually the next step after education. Also it targets those having trouble landing a job and are looking for reasons…

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