Is The Best Path For Education? Essays

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Most developed countries around the world impose a form of compulsory education where people are required to forgo a period of education. In the U.S. every child has access to education from grades K-12. Unfortunately, any higher education comes at a big price. Tuition is at an all time high and student debt reached a record of 1.2 trillion in 2012 . Tuition in a state-public university in 1978 was $688, in 2011 it was $7,701, more than 11 times in 23 years (author, year). Political philosophers have always come up with theories on what is the best option to solve the world problems. And in order to address these critical issues affecting millions of students, for example, whereas John Stuart Mill would argue that the individual should have the power to decide what is the best path for him regarding education, Plato makes a better argument that the philosopher king should require every subject to have a strong level of education. Therefore the philosophers and guardians should be the ones responsible to provide affordable or free education to its subjects for peace and justice to abound. According to Plato, philosophers should be kings or kings should be philosophers. But in order to be a philosopher, one must have an extensive educational background far beyond high school. Although more people will be educated in the next 30 years than through out history (author, year), student debt will likely continue to increase and as a result we will see higher drop our rates,…

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