Is The American Economics And The Prison System A Positive Or Negative Impact On The System?

1200 Words May 13th, 2016 null Page
Is the American economics and the prison system a positive or negative impact on the system? The United States currently has 2 million people incarcerated more than any country in the world. This is a big issue because most countries don 't hold more than 2 million incarcerated inmates behind bars. According to Fitzgerald J (2015) “(bop) Bureau Of Prisons housed 214,149 inmates roughly 298 percent over its rated capacity”. The bureau went over its rated capacity when imprisoning new inmates to the system, so forth our state being the highest rate in incarcerating people into the system. Leading to that according to Vance S.E. (2015) “Since 1980’s that has made it increasingly more expensive to operate and maintain a federal prison”. Prisons are getting too expensive to maintain now especially in our economy, yet congestion is increasing in our state. Since there are so many inmates that means that prisons are gonna need more guards which mean supervision is tight.

As behind the bars get increased with new inmates that means tighter supervision on the job. Like many small prisons, they don 't need much supervision for the inmates compared to the larger ones. According to Taxman F.S (2015), “the United States has had an agenda for nearly 30 years that increased the number of people incarcerated”. This system is getting bad that the United States has an agenda on how many people get incarcerated daily. This shows that the system is incarcerating people at a fast…

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