Essay on Is The American Dream Still Achievable?

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Is The American Dream Still Achievable?
For generations people have expected the U.S. to contribute to the American Dream, but with the economic instability, how is the dream achievable or even maintained with a slow economic turnaround. The American Dream which varies from person to person is based on the main idea of being allowed opportunities to experience freedom, happiness and succeed in America. While some Americans believe that the American Dream is still providing the American Dream due to the economic turnaround, others complain the lack of opportunities cause for the majority of America to struggle to find or maintain the American Dream.
The American Dream to some is said to be easily accessible but in this American society the American Dream is never easy, hard work never comes easy. As David Azerrad, Ph.D. and Rea S. Hederman, Jr. writes in their article, “The new American Dream can be best likened to an escalator of results-everyone hops on and moves up without effort.”, Azerrad and Hederman state the Dream is being misinterpreted whether believing the American government should set up all Americans for equal opportunity rather than the individual with the support of the U.S. government to climb up the ladder of success (heritage). The opposition clearly shows that the American Dream is not easy but that only those who put on the effort to, “Only those who put in the effort to climb-and pull themselves back up when they fall-will make it to the top.”…

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