Is The American Dream Ever Satisfied? Essay

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Is the American Dream Ever Satisfied? What does the colors gold and yellow represent to you? After reading The Great Gatsby, it seems that the colors gold and yellow are prevalent throughout. Gold is a strong representation to wealth, which is the basis of the American Dream. Then there is yellow, this color represents fakeness, which is the complete opposite of living the American Dream. The novel takes place in the roaring ‘20s at New York. The main character Nick tells a story about Gatsby, who is a mystery as well as filthy rich. As the novel progresses we learn that the characters are not as perfect as we viewed them to be. They each have a sense of deceitfulness in different ways. In The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald, the colors gold and yellow represent the fluctuation of the American Dream, which can be seen throughout the characters and the symbol of Gatsby’s car. The Great Gatsby is full of references to the color gold especially about some of the characters. Gold, as stated above, represents wealth, but it also shows the large abundance of the American Dream in their life. For example, the character Tom has a prominent representation of gold and the American Dream in his life through his mansion located in the wealthy East Egg neighborhood in NY, and his beautiful seemingly perfect wife Daisy. From his perspective on the outside he is living the life. Fitzgerald shows this in chapter one when Nick is describing Tom’s house, “The front was broken by a…

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