Essay on Is Telling A Lie Is Easy At The Beginning?

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In Jesus’ Name?
Telling a lie is easy at the beginning. You make it believable to the subject by making it not so out there and maybe even adding a few minor details in there. Sometimes you have to drag the lie out if you see the person often and it is a subject that pops up regularly, like if you tell your boss you need to have an extra 10 minutes on your break because of some medical condition you didn 't really have. You get used to lying and keeping up with it, but sometimes you slip up and all you can hope for is that no one finds out. I am still telling a long lasting lie and that why one of the scariest moments in my life was when my brother volunteered me to say grace.
Let 's give you a backstory real quick. Ever since I was a child, I remember every time I visited my grandparents, they would take me church and I would sit there and try my hardest not to fall asleep. That 's how church was for me, it wasn 't a spiritual experience, I never felt God there with me; it was an obligation in which I dressed up and pretended to enjoy it. I slowly grew to understand that the reason I wasn 't having a connection to God, was because I didn 't believe in God. When I told my parents this, they didn 't care because they were always open for us (my brother and I) to make our own path. The one thing they did emphasize on though was not to tell my grandparents, knowing they would have a heart attack if they ever found out. Throughout the years, I always made sure to remember to…

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