Essay on Is Technology Modern Society?

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It may be argued that technology dominates modern society and now plays an integral part in everyday life (Aduwa-Ogiegbaen and Iyamu, 2005; Cennamo, Ertmer, and Ross, 2013; Stafford, 2010). Technological advancements and increasing access to technology within the home is enabling children to develop a growing array of digital skills, knowledge, and understanding from an early age (Medcalfe, 2013; Cennamo, Ertmer, and Ross, 2013). Children must now become computer literate in order to access the wealth of available information and also to adequately prepare them to fully interact with the modern world (Tucker, 2014; Simpson, 2013). Technology provides many opportunities for flexible, adaptable learning and is an approach which has been widely adopted by schools in order to augment and extend children’s understanding throughout all areas of the curriculum (Bazalgette and Buckingham, 2012 and Thornley, 2008).

It is often indicated that literacy underpins learning throughout the curriculum, however, Harris et al., (2013) and Thornley (2008) contend that many children find literacy challenging. Nevertheless, the definition of literacy is changing, extending beyond the traditional paper-based format to now encompass digital media and its associated skills (Tucker, 2014; Medwell, Wray, and Minns, 2014; Hicks and Turner, 2013). Multimodality is an approach which allows children to access a wide range of information in different formats, therefore, providing opportunities to…

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