Is Technology Making Us More Humans? Essay

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Is Technology making us more Humans?
Sadly, I am seeing every day how the age of technology is affecting society’s method and ability to communicate. Children, teenagers, and adults are deeply immersed in the wide market of electronic devices, which is getting to the point that we cannot easily or comfortably communicate in person anymore. Teenager’s lives are based on their cell phones or computers, and fun is about video games or TV. Adults are becoming dependent on technology as well. Looking back, I can recall that just ten years ago I was able to have a conversation with a stranger at the elevator, at the restaurant, or even just while waiting. Now, wherever I go, all I can see is people talking or texting on cell phones, reading tablets, or wearing headphones.
Technology without a doubt has brought us to a world that a generation ago was unimaginable. The almost instant communication to anywhere around the world is now a reality. Technology is nothing less than extraordinary indeed. But, is technology helping to develop us as humans or is it having an adverse effect? It brought to my mind many questions regarding how we will be communicating in our near future. What kind of human interaction we will have? I see the advancement in communication technology pushing us away from our human side and voiding our human communication skills. We are losing the ability to communicate with others face to face and to use our voice as a method of establishing personal contact…

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