Is Technology Killing Our Friendship Essay

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There are thousands of teens online daily; this is because the use of technology has become an addiction for many. About 1 in 4 teens are online constantly, having less and less time to spend in the real world. The more they use technology the less human interaction they experience. Is technology the reason so many friendships are destroyed? Many experts are concerned that teens are so busy connecting online they are losing genuine friends, and forgetting about the real world. We’re replacing friends with screens because people don’t spend enough time together, kids interacting with phones instead of each other, and online communication gets in the way of making deeper friendships. We don’t spend enough time together in person. Many teens …show more content…
It seems that teens spend more time on their phones texting friends than actually are with one another. According to Lauren Tarshis, in her article titled “Is Technology Killing Our Friendships,” ”when kids are together, they are interacting with their phones instead of each other.” This shows that many kids are more interested in their phones than other people, and are getting less human interaction. Now people would rather talk to machines than another person. Also if you haven’t realized at many social gatherings kids are usually looking down at their phones rather than talking to the kids around them. This had become a bad habit for many, and needs to be broken. There are too many people who would rather communicate with screen than a person, and try to avoid social …show more content…
According to Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, “If we are constantly checking in our virtual worlds, this leaves little time for our real world relationships.” This proves that people always on their phones have very little time for real world relationships causing many to split apart. Also many teens text each other, but can’t talk in person. So when texting they can tell each other their darkest secrets, but in person they can’t even say hello. This causes many relationships to come to a halt. This makes it difficult for the relationship to become deeper and stronger.
On the other hand, technology does allow us to stay in contact with friends that are farther away. They can stay connected through texting, Facetime, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Skype. So once a friend moves far away, to where you can no longer see them in person, you can use those sources to stay involved in their life. Technology seems to make these kinds of things easier, and helps us handle the transition of moving easier. Technology does have its positive effects, but it also has its negative. It is still one of the main reasons there is little human interactions, and is creating a problem for

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