Essay about Is Technology Interfering With Reading?

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Is Technology Interfering with Reading?
Literacy begins at different levels. Some learn to read and write from their parents at a very young age, and some learn from TV shows or from hearing other kids speak at school. We all have our own story when it comes to how we adapted literacy as children. However, there could very well be a completely different story for today’s modern kids than kids in the past. With all of the distractions from the new waves of technology, they simply do not read as much. Modern day parents need to start reading with their kids more and move them away from technology because it has impacted children 's reading and growth abilities in a negative way. It is crucial for parents to find time to read with their kids because reading is a vital part of every child’s development that serves as the basis of his or her future. Ever since I was a little girl, I absolutely loved reading. My parents read to me at a young age and continued to expand my knowledge by buying book after book. I had shelves full, and I read every single one. They sat with me for about an hour each night and we read together. Not only did I enjoy the story and being able to read, but I also enjoyed that one hour of quality time with my mom or dad. Later in my childhood, I was the top reader in my second grade class and my teacher allowed me to read twice a week to everyone. My favorite books were fiction because they let my mind run. Fiction books allowed me to make these…

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