Is Technology A Really Interesting Sector? Essay examples

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Technology is a really interesting sector. The way how each technology works; how they differ, how they common with each other is really interesting. I find it quirky and astonishing. It is so complex that not everyone can use it easily thus it is challenging. This could be one of the reasons why I would like to study cyber security. Every single system or technology will have a vulnerability and it is challenging to find the vulnerabilities of a system or technology. I really enjoyed programming when I was at school and it pulled me towards Information Technology path. First proper programming that I have done at college was a website. It was impressive as I have find lots of knew strange feature like “marquee” feature in HTML. During programming, I have found out and understood the power of programming. I have gained lots skills during programming. For example, working collaboratively with my friend, which allowed me to learn new information and increase my knowledge as well as create a high standard work as two brains are better than one brain. When I went deep down in to IT, my interest focused on the networking. My course at Derby College taught me more about networking and how they work. I have gained knowledge on how to design, set up and maintain networks as well as how to solve any problem that we could face on a network. During the time at college I have developed planning skill, organisations skill and many more skills. As part of my college course, I have…

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