Is Technology A Distraction Essay

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How is technology a distraction for you? Technology has became a huge part of our lives, it is also a distraction for many in school and or work by interfering with attention spans. Society has became interested in social networks, cell phones or television that it hinders us from being able to complete daily task in work and school which can lead to unsuccess. For many, it has endured in lives that it has came down to isolation. Technology was meant to make life easier and more comfortable but it also has its downfalls and this essay will explain just a few reasons why.
Smartphones, video games, social media and even television are getting in the way of one’s learning. It has been multiple times where I have seen parents discipline their
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Throughout the process of writing this essay, even my father disagreed that technology is overall a distraction. With my father being 74, he did not grow up with all the technology we have today. In his eyes and in many more, technology is a helpful tool. It has became a enormous part of our lives despite of its advantages or disadvantages. Regardless of its negatives, there are also a few positive aspect such as using our tablets, computers or phones for doing research on the web, helping people develop social skills through social network and media or for some like myself, listening to music to help us focus. I remember a time in high school where my english teacher had a dispute with the students if she should allow us to listen to music while working. Her argument was if she allowed it some of us will also sneak and text or do something besides strictly listening to music and it will give us temptation. Meanwhile the other half of the class, including myself, focus better when we are blocking out any distractions by listening to their music. While writing this essay I had family running around, televisions on, and cellphones nearby. At one point I couldn 't focus with all the noise going on but I can not focus in a completely quiet room either. I put in my earbuds and played some music and finish what I needed to complete with no

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