Is Superstition Caused The Real Danger? Essay

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Currently I live on Salem Street, house 656. How I would feel If the house number was 666? Although , In 1910, the Encyclopedia Britannica confidently declared that in the near future, civilization has cleared from the last ghost of superstition, still people fear that some numbers, broken mirrors, black cats can bring adversity, and believe in signs and talismans. Furthermore, in our enlightened age almost impossible to find a person who has absolutely no faith in these or other signs. People do not abandon superstitions. What is behind these? Believe in incredible and often magical typical for people of different gender, age, social status. Superstition is caused by uncertainty against unknown forces and it brings rather an unexpected effect; prolongs the life. A human always sought to ensure that defends itself. Hence, in response to the potential threat, people prepare themselves to withstand the real danger. In ancient times, a human lived in a world full of uncertainty. Therefore, in every culture developed and distributed the rituals and rules of interaction with the unknown. The behavior of a superstitious human is driven by the desire to get rid of variety of fears, often irrational, inexplicable. Following the signs, man seeks to protect himself. Superstitions give the person experiencing fear or anxiety, a feeling of safety and security. Many, though they acknowledge the lack of common sense in superstitions, nonetheless stick to them. They think…

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