Is Suicides A Worldwide Phenomenon? Essay

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Suicides are a worldwide phenomenon known in every culture and society. In japan the rate of suicides is among the highest in the world. Japan’s culture is considered to have a very permissive attitude towards suicides by the western nations. The historical past of ritual suicides among the samurais has often been pointed out as a possible motive where choosing death over life was considered a heroic act. Following Japan’s economic resecsion the rates of suicide has increased a lot. Suicides within Japan are somewhat unique with the special suicide form of Shinjyu suicides and a high rate of suicides among Japan’s elderly population in rural areas. The Japanese government seeks ways to decrease suicides inside the country and has somewhat been successful with a declining rate of suicides for the past years. Are there cultural reasons for the high rate of suicide inside of Japan?

The Japanese are often considered to have quite an accepting attitude when it comes to suicides. Japan’s history of ritual suicides has often been looked at in relations to the problem. The ritual suicides of the Samurai has to some extent been romanticised as a heroic act. Japanese religion has never banned a self-voluntary death or made any distinction between it and other ways of dying. The Samurai moral code viewed death as an act of courage and nobility where it was considered cowardly to live without having achieved anything. Voluntary death were considered more desirable then living a…

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