Is Substance Use And Crime Offenders? Essay

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struggled with, went untreated. As with understanding and acceptance. Having an understanding that life is based on differences; hence, differences are presented to us daily. This notion then create systems which often are called our (values). This value system is often defined by different perceptions and interpretations of topics, issues and needs.
Unfortunately when our systems are breeched (mental and substance use stability) by the lack of supports; other impediments arise. Often time, individuals struggling with mental instability associated with substance use are involved in criminal related situations. Alarming reports from several studies indicate that substance use is heavily amongst crime offenders (Norström, 1998). Many persons arrested are regularly deemed drunk (Bennett, 1998) and a substantial percentage of criminals admitted to having an association between their drinking and criminal activities (McMurran and Hollin, 1989).
Any substance may cause crimes directly (e.g. disinhibition; cognitive impairment); substance use and crime may be linked through a shared third factor (e.g. character; social hindrance), drinking and other substances are contributors to a host of crimes as they often leave the persons unbalanced and unaware of reality (Walfish and Blount, 1989). Although there are high statistics that show each substance have a varied amount of dependent factors that an individual may experience leaving room to further expound research on crime,…

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