Is Stress Taking Over Our Lives? Essay

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Is Stress Taking Over Our Lives?

The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it. People have dealt with stress at one point in their life’s and it can be very complex to handle. People stress over a lot of things that are going on in their lives. Stress can also affect people in many different ways such as tiredness / fatigue, depression, acne, heart problems, anxiety etc. Stress can put so much on one person to the point that they can’t even handle certain situations & it might lead to self-harm. The feeling that anyone that everyone goes through after stress is relief. Yes, everyone goes through stress in their life time. It can affect people and also their choices including life styles. For instance, there are students who stress out about assignments/projects, employees stressing out about customers/job duties and there are people who stress out about boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. stress is like carrying a heavy boulder above your head to keep it from smothering you. Some people give up when they can’t handle the pressure.

Have people ever thought about quitting their jobs because of the hours or work schedule and dealing with different types of customers every day? For example, Maria wanted to save money to buy herself a new I-Phone, but her manager was cutting her hours short. The amount of money they she received from her pay checks started decreasing dramatically. There are people who had to quit…

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