Is Spanking Harms Kids? Essay

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Many parents believe spanking their children in today society is an effective way of teaching young ones that they have committed something evil and to not do it again. However, the article “Clear Evidence: Spanking Harms Kids” (The Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research, 2016) says otherwise. As this first time parent, the mother of a child was surprised due to his actions. Throwing merchandise in a public store is not something a child should be doing. As punishment, the mother had a desire to spank the child in order to teach him a lesson. Nonetheless, mama and papa agreed that spanking is not a form of discipline for the child to learn. According to The Saylor Foundation (2016), Learning is the relatively permanent change in knowledge or behavior that is the result of experience. After conducting research, the mother found that with spanking or using violent actions towards the child, comes higher rates of child aggression. (The Bronfenbrenner Center, 2016). There are multiple forms of learning, but one form is operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is a type of learning that appears specifically when the results of certain actions can cause the learning of new behavior. Therefore, if the parents of this child agreed to use spanking as a punishment, this most likely could cause new behavior being depressed, aggressive, or even anxiety. According to the article “Spanking and Child Outcomes,” (Gershoff, E. T., Grogan-Kaylor, A. ,2016) physical punishment was…

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