Essay on Is Social Interaction Becoming Less And Less Nowadays?

708 Words Oct 28th, 2016 3 Pages
Our culture is what helps us discover our sense of self throughout our lifetime. We learn about culture by being guided by our different agents of socialization which include our family, school, peer groups, religion, etc. Our social agents are developed because of our relationship with other human being’s, which means social interaction is a necessity to develop our culture. So why is social interaction becoming less and less nowadays? Through our societies constant technological advancements in social media, smartphones, the internet etc. our society as a whole has become less and less engaged in face-to-face interaction and instead we prefer to interact with other others from behind a screen. As we continue to advance more and more with technology how are we affecting our future culture? Throughout everyone’s lives they progress through different stages of life. childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and retirement/aging. Everyone experiences these stages differently and take on certain roles throughout. The stage at which we are in most need of social interaction is in our early years, throughout our childhood and adolescence. Although we experience change in our culture and roles throughout adulthood and even retirement. Our first stages in life are what impact us the most. Coincidentally the most abundant users of smartphones, tablets, and social media in our society are adolescents and children. In a 2012 Ted talks video, Sherry Turkle explains her views on the…

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