Single Parents Are Better Than Children

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Is Two Really Better Than One?
Almost fifty years ago we lived in a time where the husband went to work and brought home the money and the wife stayed home and kept the house in order. Households stood unified and together to work on raising the kids. In today’s society, the 20th century, there has been a decline in that type of family and in turn there has been a rise in single parenting. Researchers have questioned whether single parents raising children is affecting the kids mental and emotional health. The belief that the effects of growing up in a single parent household causes more harm than good. It has been debated and cases have been study and data been collected to back up the fact that it is true. Two parents have always been a more
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When a parent is not able to face these challenges the child and parents relationship suffers greatly. Financial issues bring their own problems as single parents must work overtime to keep the home secured and offer the child with everything the need and the occasional present. Research has shown, “in 2014, 31 percent of children in single-parent households were living below the poverty line, as were 21 percent of children living with two cohabiting parents. Only one-in-10 children living with two married parents were in this circumstance”("The Economics Of Parenting”). This is a major problem for single parent families that are barely able to offer for themselves to also have to take on the responsibilities of raising a child and cover expenses from healthcare to school to everyday expenses. Ron Haskins, a writer on child wellbeing, talks about how poverty has affected families and goes on to state that “Since 1980, children in female headed families have been four or five times more likely to be poor than children in married-couple families”(Haskins 131). These rates are alarming as children who live with just a single parent are forced to live in an environment where they will not get the opportunities that other married-couple children get just based on the income of their …show more content…
Behind them is a strong support system of their parents that they can always fall back on when they are in need. While single parents do a great job raising their children they have a hard time doing it which can be clear to the child from a young age and teach them something different, something that shows the child the improper way to do things. It can leave children wanting for more. The effects on children has taxed to them as they are growing up in such toxic environments trying to grasp what is going on. In single parent households they suffer from financial issues and even basic communication issue sometimes. Children need to be reared in an environment that will take care of them and love them. Also while providing a safe place that the child can grow and learn from both parents. Research has shown that children tend to be happier and healthier both mentally and emotionally when raised by two married parents. This should be focused on and be ensured for every kid in the

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