Is Shit Really A Word? Essay

1762 Words Oct 31st, 2016 8 Pages
Shit is a big part of everyone’s life; you get up in the morning, take a shit, brush your teeth, take a shower, eat, and go on with your day, but for some reason saying this word, which describes a part of your daily life is considered taboo. The word “shit” has become a commonly used word in modern day English, and as a taboo word it is thrown around more often than most. Most people who speak English understand that shit means feces or dung, and it has been this way for hundreds of years, but it is now more often than not used in a fashion that seems quite unrelated. In the past century not only has it grown in usage, it has also acquired several new meaning, which change depending on the context, as in “holy shit!”, or “that’s a shitty way to be treated”, or “get this shit out of here”. As a taboo word, many find shit offensive; however, in just the past few decades it has lost much of its force from extensive use and exposure. There are many examples throughout history where shit has been an essential part of society, not only as fuel for fire, but also fertilizer for growing food. There were nomadic tribes that lived in the tundra of Russian, where trees were scarce, if not completely absent, who grassed cattle for a living, and moved every few days to find new feeding grounds. As they moved from one spot to another, they would collect the hardened shit of other tribes’ cattle to use as fuel, leaving behind the fresh shit of their own cattle for another trib. This is…

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