Is Sharia Law Or Islamic Law? Essay

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Why is our world an aggressive one instead of a peaceful one? All of us know what has been happening in Syria and Iraq. Basically, people over there are killing each other because they are from different religious denominations. There are different religions, but the popular one is Islam, and Muslims divide into several groups, such as, Sunni, Shia, Sufi and others and they are killing each other more than any other civil societies. Al Qaeda, ISIS and other small terrorist organizations are taking over in some places in Syria and Iraq, and they all are fighting to enforce the sharia law on weak and poor people. For those of you who do not what is sharia law is, it means Islamic law. Sharia is a set of standard to control every aspect of a Muslim 's life. In Islam, there is no separation between law and religion. Thus, religion plays a huge part in their lives. Which they want to enforce people to live in a legal life based on their system. Sharia law or Islamic law in my humble understanding, it could not be altered. However, the jihadis in Syria and Iraq, they have been changing most of its rules, such as, the punishments, in Islam there is not punishment by burning or shooting, and they burn and shoot their hostages. Also, in Islam you cannot assault others because what they believe or what they disbelieve, in many positions in the Holy Quran emphasis, that other people’s religion is not of your business. For example, “For you is your religion, and for me my religion,”…

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