Is Sexual Education Important? Essay

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Is Sexual Education Important?
Since the beginning of public education, sexual education courses have been a controversial topic. With the hope to avoid offending parents, guardians, teachers, students, or religious beliefs, it has been shoved under the rug and expected to be taught in the home. With this approach, what happens to those children with parents who don’t believe in educating their kids about sexual activity? When they experience adolescence or even adulthood, they are responsible to teach themselves or learn from their peers. Beginning in the 1960’s, schools started integrating sexual education into the public school system; however, they only taught the bare minimum, which barely scratched the surface of this important subject. Because sexual education has developed a lot over time, these old techniques are not reaching the standards that are expected. There have been many organized groups that oppose this and claim that it should not be taught in schools; however sexual education should be taught in every public school, starting in fifth grade, to educate children on their changing bodies, prevent rape and assault, and prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Most elementary schools teach the minimum requirement of sexual education, which includes a small introduction to puberty in fifth grade. From my personal experience, I learned about my changing body from awkward videos that didn’t truly answer any of my questions. When the video was finished, the…

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