Is Sex Used Too Much? Essay

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Is Sex Used Too Much? Throughout the world, sex is broadcasted in many advertisements. Whether it is a billboard, TV commercial or just a simple magazine cover sex is most likely to be used. When it all comes down to sex being displayed in advertisements, sex is used more than enough because sex is used to sell and promote essentially everything in today’s society and it can have many consequences afterwards. When it comes to sex in advertising, it is a tool in order to catch one’s interest in a certain product, brand or service. It grasps the attention of many indiviualds attracting them to the product. Women, men even children “are assaulted by commercial images that get firmly implanted in their brains.” (Cortese 31) Marketers know how to use sex and sexiness in a effective way to sell products to any age. Sex in advertising in America is very demanding it is what helps consumers buy. For instance, a magazine cover displays a sexy semi-naked woman or male promoting a deodorant, more men and females are likely to be drawn to them because of the image on the cover. Advertisements involve lying about the nature of the product on low. For example a beautiful woman with a great amount of skin showing doesn 't have anything to do with a purchase of a car or computer or body wash. These such items do either nothing at all or very little to increase someones attractiveness. Many people believe that women are the main focus or target when it comes to sex appeal in…

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