Is Sex Differences Concussion Symptoms Of High School Athletes?

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This is a review of the article titled Sex Differences in Concussion Symptoms of High School Athletes. The purpose of this study was to determine possible differences in concussion symptoms between genders of high school athletes. In the United States, more than 1.6 million sports-related concussions occur every year. Averages of 21% of these happen to high school athletes (Frommer et al., 2011). More males have participated in sports than females over the years. In 2008, 3.01 million (or 41%) of high school athletes were female. That was up 2.4 million from 10 years ago (Frommer et al., 2011). This increase in female participation has led to higher injury incidences and also sport-related concussions are rising with female athletes. Concussion symptoms with females have not been examined as well as with the males. That brought about the concern for this analysis.
In the quantitative study, the objective was to compare sport-related concussions between females and their symptoms, symptom resolution time (SRT), and time to return to play (RTP). The design used was a descriptive epidemiology study. It was a 2 year study, year 1 (2005-06) and year 2 (2006-07). High schools in the United States that staffed a board certified athletic trainer (AT) were eligible to participate. The data was reported through an internet-based injury surveillance system, RIO (Reporting Information Online). In the first year 425 AT’s participated and 316 in the second year.…

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