Essay on Is Self Directed Learning Beneficial For Students? Why?

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Is self-directed learning beneficial for students? Why?

As the term suggests, Self Directed Learning views learners as responsible owners and managers of their own learning process. This involves self-management with self-monitoring of learners’ cognitive learning strategies. SDL learners showcase a greater awareness of their responsibility in making sure learning is meaning full and is continuously monitoring the mselves
This kind of learning allows learners to be more effective learners and social beings. Guthrie, et al. (1996) noted that the “self-directed learners in a Concept-Oriented Reading Instruction (CORI) program demonstrated the ability to search for information in multiple texts, employ different strategies to achieve goals, and to represent ideas in different forms (drawing and writing)”. If Students properly plan and implement self directive learning, this can encourage them to develop their own rules and leadership patterns that enhances their thinking capabilities. This kind of learning is effective because it makes students more willing and more motivated to learn.
For example, self-directed learning helps student optimize our educational experience, allowing them to focus their effort on useful information that they don’t already possess and exposing them to information that they don’t have access to through passive observation. The active nature of self-directed learning also helps us in encoding information and retaining it over time.

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