Is Saddness A Feeling That We 're All Familiar With? Essay

1991 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 8 Pages
Saddness is a feeling that we 're all familiar with, in some aspect. There are many types, many degrees of sadness, and it 's a feeling that we all experience differently. I have been face to face with sadness. It has beaten me down, and never helped to pick me back up. Instead, it 's brought me lower and lower with each and every attempt i have made to stand. This is what the professionals call "major depressive disorder", mine topped off with some anxiety and eating disorders. I can tell you what it 's like to not leave a room for three months at a time, to let someone in, once a day, to exchange your pee bucket for something to eat, through a crack in the door. I can tell you what it 's like to have your mother tackle you to the floor in an attempt to knock the bottle of pills out of your hand, before you get them all in your mouth. I can tell you what its like to have to have a gun pulled away from your head, and your finger pulled off the trigger by your childhood bestfriend. I can tell you what it 's like to watch your father beat your mother, your sister, and then to feel his hands around your very own neck, choking the life that you dont even want out of you. So believe me when say I can tell you what its like to be sad, because today, for the first time, I will explain my experience with sadness. I begin to remember it at the age of six. I was sad for my mother, because even at such a young age, i saw how my father was treating her, and how upset that made her,…

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