Is Rodeo Cruel to Animals Essay

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Is Rodeo Cruel to Animals?

The sport of Rodeo has been a tradition in the United States since the cowboys of the American West began pushing herds of cattle across this country. Often, there was very little to do besides hard work with the cattle and horses, so the cowhands would often get together and compete with each other in the skills that they practiced every day on their jobs in order to relieve boredom. The first competitions in rodeo consisted mainly of riding bucking horses and roping steers, cows and calves, because this was what their work consisted of. Each ranch would send their best cowboys they had. The cowboys were competing only for the honor of their ranches they worked for, and their bosses who owned those
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Rodeo animals can sometimes compete in many activities throughout the day or even in a series of days. So it is very important for the animals to have the right nutrients for success in the competitions.

What most people do not realize is how tough some animals really are. A lot of people will look at rodeo events and just think that it looks cruel, but what they do not have is the supporting evidence of how the animals are being abused. One complaint that often occurs at rodeos is: “You are hurting the animal by roping the calf.” A calf has more than tripled its weight when it is first roped, which is at 225-250 pounds, and is a strong animal. It takes the special roping and handling skills by the rodeo cowboy to manage the strength of a calf whose natural feeling is to flee or fight rather than embrace. The roping contest is an addition of the necessary skills developed by ranch cowboys to hold cattle for doctoring and vaccination without the benefit of pens and corrals. The muscular structure of a calf and its hairy, thick hide allows for harmless roping. Immediately upon removal of the rope, calves jog or trot out of the arena in an unconcerned manner. Calves, which outgrow their weight limits for the roping events are then no longer usable for the roping. They then go into the industry and are used for whatever they may be needed for, whether it be for breeding or to a feed lot to produce beef. Some calves grow up to be bulls and then are used for

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