Is Public School Funding Fair? Essay

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Is public school funding fair? The word “Fair” can be define in many different ways, it all depend on how each individual define it. The word “Fair” could mean equal, unbiased, and reasonable; however, in this project “Fair” means “Justices”. A big part of school funding comes from local property and sale taxation. This system gives locals control over their education. However, this kind of fund create huge gap between different school districts in the same state, and this largely due to the income gap and wealth separations in the housing market. Low property value districts provide less funding to their schools, while higher property value districts shower their schools with money. Less funding means larger classroom sizes, less employment and less resources. differences in public school funding across the nation are very noticeable “in New York, schools spend an average of 19,000 per students, while in Tennessee spend 8,200 per students, and The Alpine school district in Utah spends only 5,321”.( According to the state’s education department)
Theses major differences create many arguments about public school funding. Conformists who might answer “yes” to the question , arguing that more money does not mean more learning, and that due to the fact that federal education spending has more than doubled in the recent years. However, test scores have not increased as much “I think the evidence is pretty overwhelming that federal involvement in K-12 education has not…

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