Is Psychology A Science? Essay

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Science is the systematic study of structure and behaviour through observation and experiments. It is an intellectual and practical activity. Skinner (1965) noted that, “All scientists, whether giants or not, enable those who follow them to begin a little further along” (p.11). In the 14th century, Plato offered an alternative route to where science was; he did not see the need for observation, but instead highlighted the importance of other knowledge branches (Brysbaert & Rastle, 2009). Aristotle made the distinction between deductive and inductive reasoning, which was a different view compared to Plato. Bacon was the main defender in the 17th century for the primacy of observation, believing that knowledge should not be based around obedience to authorities but to observation instead. As well as putting emphasis on the importance of observation and inductive reasoning, he also stressed how important empiricism and experimentation was (Brysbaert & Rastle, 2009). The debate on whether psychology is a science or not has been debated for centuries and is still is within today’s society. Research has been conducted which supports both sides of this argument, ranging from scientific paradigms to psychology’s relation with other disciplines.
Logical positivism was one of the first main attempts at trying to define what constituted exactly what scientific method was. 17th century empiricists help to extend and redefine in later centuries. Positivists encouraged the notion that…

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