Essay on Is Procreation A World With Limited Resources Is Morally?

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In this paper I argue that procreation in a world with limited resources is morally impermissible. I agree with Thomas Young’s argument that overconsumption is morally equivalent, or no morally worse, than procreation. Excessive use of resources is considered morally wrong and as children present an excessive additional use of resources, it follows logically that production of children is unacceptable. For the sake of this argument, like Young’s, we refer to the consumption habits of Americans. It is our moral duty not to inflict more damage on the earth than is reasonable for a singular individual. By introducing new life to the world, we unreasonably multiply our resource use and damage to the planet, which is in direct opposition to moral behavior. This action is also morally equivalent to overconsumption. Each person is entitled to use of a reasonable amount of resource use in order to function and have a pleasant existence. However, with each additional individual, that enjoyable resource use becomes a greater toll on our planet. Therefore, in order to maintain the continued existence of our planet and the pleasant existence of the people who already live here, there should be no further births. Unless every family agrees to have the same eco-footprint as a single individual, which would require a very poor quality of life for the average middle-class family, no children should be born. In order for a family of four to even come close to the eco-footprint of…

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