Is Preparing For The Poster Presentations Essay

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The learning experience that I have chosen to discuss about is preparing for the poster presentations. During this experience, I had to identify and explain the benefits and challenges of inter- professional practice. This was the question that me and my group were given, and we had to deliver it in a presentation format to an audience, which was my class. To go about doing this, I had use and deliver a range of skills and apply it to practice in order to prepare for the presentation. According to Kolb’s Experimental Learning Cycle, (1984), it articulates in the first stage about concrete experience, where me and my group were assigned a task, which consisted of active involvement.

According to the World Health Organisation (2010), ‘inter- professional education occurs when students from two or more professions learn about, from and with each other to enable effective collaboration and improve health outcomes’. This means that different specialists i.e. radiographers and nurses, co- operate in order to provide excellent quality service by having an optimum understanding of each other. During my experience, I had to work with a range of professions such as nurses, physiotherapists and oncologists. By having a greater understanding of each other we co- operated better so preparing the poster presentation became easier.

One of the skills that I used was time management. I had to turn up, on time for the lesson that me and my group were preparing and planning the presentation.…

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