Is Police Authority Breaking The Limits? Essay examples

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Is police authority breaking the limits? That is the question nowadays. People are wondering if police brutality exists and if it has begun to overwhelm. Police authority is regulated by the U.S. Constitution, however the abuse of these guidelines leads to police brutality. The use of any force beyond what is necessary to arrest a suspect and keep police and bystanders safe is considered police brutality (Segan). It may also be measured as any violation of the due process that the Constitution has set (O’Conner). People try not to believe that such a thing is occurring in today’s society, for the thought frightens them. It is hard to accept that the system that is supposed to protect the citizens would harm them in any way, shape, or form. However, the facts must be faced.
First of all, standard police procedures have guidelines that are written out in the U.S. Constitution (England). The detainment of a traveler without reasonable suspicion is a parameter that officers have trouble following; there are videos that prove this statement (Kimbell). Police officers are agents of government, therefore they are expected to protect the public. This gives them the ability to confront potentially violent individuals and use physical or deadly force under certain circumstances (England). Therefore, any type of force that is used outside of these standards can be considered police brutality. Beyond these standards are the violations that may be defined as brutality by victims or…

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