Is Pilate 's Or The Modern Man 's Behavior? Essay examples

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82. What is Pilate’s or the modern man 's behavior?
• Deep emergence in all materialistic culture aspects of living and ‘preoccupation’ with conformism additionally incapacitates low level ‘susceptibility’ for the relevant influences in Spiritual Infants commonly known as ‘Humans’. Consequently, Terrestrial Humans, in general, cultivate no interest for ‘phenomena’ which convey profound meaning. Also, Cosmically Ignorant and blind-folded ‘man-made’ science rarely notice anything, and if such occurrence somehow happens, then finding the consensus seem improbable. Certainly, the confirmation of such assessment is the inexplicability of a ‘phenomenon’ which one careful Cosmic Observer might describe as the colossal magnitude of the convergence in manifestations of both primitiveness and intellectuality in this Transitional Human Beings created modern age. The logical question is what might be the purpose of such stupendous concentration of contrasting and collision prone Mental Forces?
Undoubtedly, the Universe as an orderly realm, guides, profiles, and supports the optimization of any creation in order to efficaciously serve the intended purpose. In the given case, the purpose is to terminate Terrestrial Humans experiencing misfortune, by assisting them to repel the mental tendencies in own Consciousness which causes a dark way of being. The Spiritual Researcher following the related Cosmic Analyses could define the…

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