Is Pascal 's Wager? Essay

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“It is in your interest to believe that God exists.” Do you agree?
Blaise Pascal, French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher of the 17 century proposed a wager, that indeed, it is in your interest to believe in God.
Pascal’s wager is as follows: If God exists and you believe in Him, you will go to heaven upon death and have infinite happiness, while if He does exists but you do not believe in Him, you will go to hell upon dying and experience infinite suffering. If God does not exist but you believe in him, you will gain nothing upon dying, and if He does not exist, and you do not believe him, there will also be nothing gained upon death. While Pascal is talking about the Christian God, the question does not specify this, and therefore God in this context is not restricted to commonly related to Christian God, but the supreme, all powerful and all-knowing deity. Essentially, Pascal’s Wager says that believing in God has the most benefits, and the least risks. Sounds a bit too simple, doesn’t it?
An argument against Pascal’s wager is what religion is the right the right one to believe in? There is a potentially infinite number of religions (and therefore, Gods), and the probability of believing in the correct God is incredibly small. There are also religions which do not have a single deity or a deity at all. One might respond with “So what?” concerning which religion or God to believe in, as long as they do believe in one, the higher chance they obtain infinite…

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