Essay on Is Parenting A Hurt Child?

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Parenting a Hurt Child
Nationally, there are approximately 397,000 children who enter the foster care system by 2012. After entering the system some of the children’s parents were being terminated from their parent’s rights, these could be due to to their addiction, poverty, abusiveness or parent’s mental illness, which leave these kids parentless and scared. A Large number of children who came into the system have been a victims of violence at home. Most of these children later result from show sign of mental disability or behaviors disorders depending the type of home they were in. After taking the child out of their unsafe home, the case workers may place the children in their relatives or non-relatives home. About one-quarter of these children in foster care live with their relatives. However, the rest live with non-relative’s foster family.
These lost children need a temporary home to stay until they can find some family that is willing to adopt them. This is when Foster parents come in and play critical roles, not only providing the children with shelter, but they also help them to recover from their traumatic experiences. The Child Welfare system requires foster parents to provide appropriate aid for their foster children, which consist of healing, supporting, protecting, and providing a safe environment for these kids. Being a parent is a challenging job, but being a foster parent is more difficult. But without family or a home, these children could not survive the…

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