Is Outsourcing A Necessary Evil? Essays

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Focus Group Results
The focus group yielded some unexpected results – almost unanimously, people thought that outsourcing was ethical because they believe the practice did more good than harm. There were some concerns with the lack of oversight, specifically when it came down to human rights and global pollution. The rational most observed was that it would be hard for the U.S. to globally compete, if outsourcing ceased in our country. The students fell that other countries would take advantage of that and ultimately hurt our economy. What they suggested was that outsourcing is a necessary evil. As far as the exploiting other countries, there were some mixed feelings about the topic. More than half the students did not agree with direct exploitation, such as child labor and inhumane treatment of workers. They suggested that this was definitely not ethical and that U.S. corporations have the responsibility to monitor their international outsourcing partners. Another suggestion was that the American consumers were the ones who can truly influence corporations because they demand cheap consumer goods.
Another interesting result was the fact that most people said that they would themselves outsource their work, if it meant higher profits for them. They stated that it was all business and would have no problem laying-off U.S. workers, if it meant higher profit margins. Additional follow up questions, such as: what about if you were the one getting laid off because your…

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