Is Our Family Number One? Essay

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You kids may be wondering why I called our family number one. Well there is a couple reasons why I think we are the best.

The first reason why I think we are the best is because of what kind of parents I grew up with. For instance, when I was a baby, I used to get sick a lot that I sometimes would turn into a different color. So, my parents, which are your grandparents, were right by my side throughout the whole experience and never left my side. I was a baby at the time, so I didn’t know anything at the time, but my parents would tell me stories of what would happen, and it sometimes makes me laugh because it shows I was a tough baby. I am glad they never left my side and that shows me the kind of parents I have caring and loving.

When I was growing up I saw how hardworking my parents were and never stopped working even when there was something wrong. Since, we owned a motel and sometimes when our maid wouldn’t come to make the rooms, my parents would go from like seven in the morning to like two in afternoon to make them clean. That showed me they took their own time out of their lives to make sure everything was right and it shows me the dedication in their work. Also, my dad would be like a maintenance guy and would go fix like the problems in the motel like broken window, painting a room, and other major fixing. My mom would help the maid sometimes make the rooms and fold the towels. From all this, it shows me how caring they are and how much pride they have in…

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