Essay Is Organ Donation Be A Donor?

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In the United States a lot of people are faced with the choice of something that occurs after death. Thinking of the afterlife is scary for some people but it is a decision that needs to be decided. The choice is organ donation to be a donor or to not be a donor, this can be decided by a personal say or a family decision. In the case of Heather Semans, it was a decision made by her family to donate an organ to someone who needed it. Growing up Heather struggled both physically and socially due to being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the young age of 18 months. From the diagnosis she then suffered from seizures, which inhibited her in a lot of ways. Heather’s parents, Jan and Mike, saw the struggle their daughter had and shared that “Heather was a butterfly who lived freely,” (Semans, n.d.). On January 8, 2015 her parents received a devastating phone call saying that Heather was admitted and her brain was no longer functioning properly. She passed away not long after that and her family was there to grieve and mourn the loss of a loved one. After the passing, a staff member asked Heather’s family if organ donation was possible. The family agreed to a meeting about organ donation and eventually came to the decision that their daughter’s organ can save a life and they agreed to the procedure. At Heather’s memorial service, her family knew they made the right decision and that Heather was safe and okay due to a feeling of peace (Semans, n.d.). From this case, it is evident…

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