Essay about Is Online Education Necessary For Higher Education?

1000 Words Dec 14th, 2015 null Page
The American population has increased by over 60% in the past half century, and is expected to reach 347.3 million individuals by 2025. A growing population brings with it a number of problems for a country, one of which is providing a secondary education system to its citizens. It is projected that over the next ten years, Utah alone will need to accommodate an additional 50,000 college students. Signs of this are already apparent to those of us at Utah State University due to this year’s drastic influx of over 6,000 new students (Source 1 USU). As a result of this, class sizes have grown and class availability has become scarce. USU along with most US colleges will need to meet the growing demand for higher education. One solution that has gained support is the implementation of additional online instruction. Although, online classes have something to offer secondary education, upon further examination, it will become apparent that in a university setting, they shouldn’t be used to meet the demand posited by the growing population.
Before examining online education as a solution, clarifications must be made regarding the essence of education and the role of the university. Why do students attend universities? Though there is some variation between responses to this question, if you ask any recent high school graduate the typical response would be something along the lines of “I want to go so I can get a good job, and then make money, so I can support myself/family”. This…

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