Is Online Communicating Important? Essay

834 Words May 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Is online communicating important in your life? It certainly has become important to several people throughout the whole world, especially mine. Social networking sites have changed the way we think, act and even what we eat. The popularity of online communication has brought new slang and abbreviations to an extensive amount of teens. Sure, every generation has their own types of slang, but this generation of technology possesses a dangerous threat to the English language that is taught in schools. Students are now handing in papers with spelling and grammatical errors without even noticing that it is wrong. Even though online writing can be used to help students relate to the curriculum given and taught in class, schools should not adapt to the broken down language that has been created because it can affect a student’s future in the work force and supports laziness of the student.
Academic writing is taught to us throughout our years in school. When writing an essay, we are taught to state our point and give several examples to back it up. Online writing is completely different. There are no rules when it comes to online writing. It sounds great but it is easy to spot out constant errors in spelling, grammar and the structure of the essay. Online writing does not concern students when texting, blogging, emailing, and posting statuses because other individuals online either do not notice those errors or simply just do not care. Applying online writing as a method in the…

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