Is Okonkwo A Weak Man

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In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, Okonkwo is portrayed as a man of strength. In the final pages of the book this fear to be anything else but a “strong man,” is what ultimately leads to his suicide in the most ironic way. The fear of being seen as weak not only to himself but the in the eyes of everyone around him, not only lead to his death but drives the entire story. Okonkwo's need to be seen as no less than strength comes from his father. Throughout the writing we see the hatred Okonkwo has for his father, viewing him as a weak man Okonkwo has no patience for. Having a weak father is what drives Okonkwo as well as being his greatest fear. Okonkwo’s fear of being weak isn't to be judged for being weak, but to be seen as his father was. …show more content…
For seven whole years, he thought nothing would change. That if he wasn't strong at least his village would be. So, when he arrives back from exile to see all is not true and that his son had left to be with a new society, Okonkwo is pushed over the edge. “ ‘That man was one of the greatest men in Umuofia. You drive him to kill himself and now he will be buried like a dog…’ ” (Achebe 178) He knew he was considered a great man still, and knew that in this new village when they were becoming weak by the arrival of English. He would die that day and still be considered a great man. He seemed to believe he would die with a little less dignity, but at least with some titles still in place. Instead of witnessing his village become weaker as well as him too, from the arrival of the English and having to surrender their cowries instead of being able to fight them off instead. “Okonkwo and his fellow prisoners were set free as soon as the fine was paid. The district commissioner spoke to them again about the great queen, and about peace and good government. But the men did not listen. They just sat and looked at him and the interpreter. In the end, they were given back their bags and sheathed machetes and told to go home.” (Achebe

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