Essay Is Obesity A Disease?

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According to the article, “AMA Declares Obesity a Disease”, written by Marcia Frellick, “Over ⅓ of America is obese” (Medscape 1). Obesity is supposedly accepted as a disease now. Therefore, over ⅓ of America has a disease. Just take a second and think about how many people walk around everyday are either overweight or obese. Today, America has accepted obesity as being a pathophysiologic disease. Pathophysiology is the functional changes associated with a disease or syndrome. What is obesity though? How can someone realize they are not overweight, but obese?
Body mass which exceeds over 30 indicates the patient is obese. Obesity is having an excessive amount of body fat. For example, a person who is 5’2 and is about 200 pounds (muscle mass not included) is obese. What is the actual definition of a disease? A disorder which affects a person 's everyday life is known as a disease. A disease also causes other complications for that person. It is true obesity can, in fact, cause other complications,but obesity can be self-treated. Therefore, obesity should not be considered a disease. Obesity can be the result of many things ranging from medication to genetics. Obesity can also be the cause of many future health issues (Mayo Clinic 1). Medical problems can cause obesity. Genetics can lead someone to becoming obese. Medication is another element which can lead to someone gaining weight unwillingly. Pregnancy, aging, and inactivity can cause obesity too. Some of these…

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