Essay on Is Not Obsolete : Transgender Rights

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Binarism Is Not Obsolete:
Transgender rights.
Disclaimer: at no point in this paper do the opinions stated herein support social intolerance or hate speech. We live in a golden age of movements. The development society has changed drastically throughout the years.The future is now and we continue to evolve.. Tobacco use is at all time low, Soda consumption is on a steady decline. We are actively trying to clean up the world we live in with advances in technology. Having cancer doesn’t mean certain death anymore. Even people with AIDS stand a fighting chance. As of 2015 Gay marriage is now recognized as legitimate in the eyes of federal law. We as a people we are becoming aware that life is not black and white. It’s the gray areas that allows us to coexist as individuals. But what about the individuals that won 't identify with being black white or gray? What about pink? Have the other colors of the rainbow been forgotten? While society is barely starting to accept and respect the rights of the gay community, Transgender individuals are still fighting their own war. It’s a difficult world to be a part of indeed and even with famous public figures and known activist like Ru Paul, Chaz Bono, GiGi Gorgeous, Jeffree Star and most notably Caitlin Jenner. Transgenders still face an ongoing battle, Society still dose not recognize and accept their life choices. However, People of Transgender orientation should not have the same rights against discrimination, unlike the…

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