Is No Student Or Teacher? Essay

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I believe that no student is or teacher is perfect, but we can always improve by transforming weaknesses into strengths. We are not all perfect readers the second that we are exposed to books. The same goes for all aspects of education. As a teacher, we don’t just say, “Watch me do this math problem, now try thirty of them on your own.” If we did that, we know for a fact that students would not be getting every single problem right; maybe they wouldn’t even get one problem right. Education is so important for students because it sets the groundwork for future successes. Not every child learns the same way, so with practice, teachers can evaluate their students and put them into similar groups based on multiple intelligences. Education allows children to have the opportunity to develop skills by playing with others and taking part in activities that build on their abilities and interests. Play is an important part of education. I believe that play is one of the ways that children learn best. Although it is a fun experience, many skills can be learned though play. Play helps children learn social skills and allows students to develop values and ethics. I read the book, White Teacher, written by Vivian Paley, and she had this one student who before school had no introduction to education. This white girl lived in a predominately black neighborhood, her parents were racist, and did not want her to play outside with the black children. Instead, she spent her days sitting inside…

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