Is Network Security Necessary For The Network? Essay example

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In today’s generation, almost every organization out there uses a computer and has a network to send, receive, and store information, whether its sending emails, storing documents, or serving information through a web server. It is very critical to focus on security, especially if your network contains sensitive, confidential, and personal information. With that being said, network security affects many organizations whether they are large, small or government organization. Once the security is breached the intruder or hacker can cause damage not only to the network but also to the company. If our network is up to date, it will make it harder for the intruder to break in and steal critical information or gain unauthorized access to the system. There are ten important components that are essential for the networking process in the organization: physical infrastructure, threats and vulnerabilities, Mitigation techniques for infrastructure, network switches and routers, functionality, threats and vulnerabilities, and last but not least. mitigation of switches and routers.
Each networking component is necessary for the proper functioning of the network. Any defect at any level may hinder the operation of the network. Ranging from infrastructure to switches, each component plays its role in the smooth operation of the network. Any threat to the network must be dealt on priority purpose and must be rectified for the smooth operations of the network. When looking at the physical…

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