Is My Bachelor Worth It? Essay

1125 Words Feb 24th, 2016 null Page
Is my bachelor worth it? Growing up my parents they always told me keep my grades up, to never put important things aside. They said learn from them, they had my oldest sister at a young age and they were not able to graduate or go back to continue educating them self. They struggle for so long, from buying themselves clothes, to paying the mortgage. Always put school first, work on myself to have the life I want when I am older, my parents said. Saying that, I believe; all the money I am spending, sacrifices I am making, skills I am gaining, and being able to say I fulfilled my goal will be worth it in about seven years for me. Others may disagree with me and some might say, it’s not worth the money, and accumulating debt, but I disagree. Student loans are available to many college students but borrowing for tuition, books and fees over a long term period can corrupt your financial stability and sometimes it may not always be the best decision. Many students like myself are only able to borrow enough to cover tuition and books, leaving me to worry about living expenses during the four year period or if they have to further their education to get the right job it could be six to eight years, I will be earning my degree. It is extremely difficult to maintain any semblance of a life when you only have the scheduling capacity and credentials for a part time job that pays close to minimum wage. But in my research I saw that Law firms employing from 101 to 250 lawyers…

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