Essay on Is Multiculturalism Bad For Women?

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Susan Okin is a feminist philosopher and the author of Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women. Okin’s condemnation of immigrant multiculturalism conveys an extreme form of liberal intolerance shared by liberal feminists alike. Despite raising some valid issues of inequality amongst immigrant societies, Okin’s argument is based on the worst of immigrant culture constructing a misleading narrative about multiculturalism. Here I will analyse Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women to support my argument that Okin’s portrayal of immigrant cultural is in essence liberal intolerance and that the issue faced by women within immigrant cultures is not that of a cultural issue but an issue of cruelty and inequality.

Liberal feminism supports the notion that a strong connection is present between culture and gender which unfavourably positions immigrant women within society. In addressing the matter that the assimilationists approach to immigration is now considered oppressive, Susan Okin questions what can be done when minority cultures clash with the norms of gender equality in liberal states. Raising the dilemma that within expanding multicultural societies, policy makers are finding it difficult to meet the needs of minority groups as such groups clash with the gender norms of liberal states.

Claiming that group rights within multicultural communities are antifeminist, Okin reasons this is due to most cultures endorsing control of men over women, not respecting basic liberties of…

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